Is Finn McMissile an Aston Martin DB5?
Ethan Calloway 31 Jul 0

Beginning with an Introduction to Finn McMissile

Well, I'm sure you're all familiar with the famous anthropomorphic spy car Finn McMissile from Pixar's wildly successful movie franchise, 'Cars.' First introduced in the sequel, 'Cars 2,' this daring British secret agent took our imaginations on a delightful and thrilling ride, quite literally! The charisma and grace of the character were a fitting tribute to the legacy of secret agents we have grown up idolizing. And right here is where my curious mind started racing: Is it possible that Finn McMissile is modeled after the quintessential British spy car – the Aston Martin DB5?

Aston Martin DB5: Defining British Class and Sophistication

The Aston Martin DB5, for those unfamiliar with classic cars, is a British luxury grand tourer that was made by Aston Martin and designed by the Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera. Now, Aston Martin and secret agents, they have quite a history together. Remember James Bond's signature car? Yes, that was a DB5! Its unparalleled class and sophistication have made it a favorite amongst cinephiles and car lovers alike. My very own Alice likes to playfully refer to our family SUV as the "DB5 of soccer practice transport vehicles."

Finn McMissile: The Super-Spy with an Amalgamated Design

Back to our beloved character, Finn McMissile. Just as the Aston Martin DB5 is a renowned masterpiece amongst automobiles, Finn McMissile's design involved the meticulous blending of various classic vehicles from across Britain. His alluring charm and apparent cold war aesthetics serve as a fitting tribute to the classic British secret agents we've seen on the silver screen over the years. Something that my son, Solomon, always alerts me to whenever we have our Saturday 'Cars' marathon and wholeheartedly believes that the resemblance between Finn McMissile and an Aston Martin DB5 is uncanny.

From the Illustrator’s Sketch Pad

The illustrators over at Pixar once revealed in an interview that Finn McMissile was indeed inspired by many 1960s sports cars, including the Aston Martin DB5. They wanted to retain the DNA of that era of cars while pushing forth their own unique creative take on it. You'll notice how Finn's back wheel arches are reminiscent of the DB5's. Even McMissile's grille closely resembles that of a classic Aston Martin. But, then again, we must remember that Finn is an amalgamation derived from a variety of British cars from the 60s. Scarlett, my junior car enthusiast, likes to point out the little elements of Jaguar E-Type in him every now and then.

The Unmistakable Connection to James Bond

It's hard to look at McMissile without instantly being reminded of the James Bond franchise. The gadgets, the chases, the secret missions, the overall suaveness of the character all shout Bond—a fitting tribute considering the DB5 was initially introduced to the world via the James Bond film 'Goldfinger.' Aston Martin DB5 was always more than just a car. It was Bond's reliable sidekick helping him smoothen out the tight situations he found himself in with its slick gadgets. In a similar vein, Finn McMissile is no ordinary car. His character extends far beyond his shape, color, and incredible British accent. Just like the DB5, he can fly, dive underwater, and always has the perfect gadget for every predicament.

Bringing the Question on the Centre Stage: Is Finn McMissile an Aston Martin DB5?

While it's clear that Finn McMissile borrows certain elements from the Aston Martin DB5, and embodies the spirit of British spy cars at large, it would be unfair to outright label McMissile as a DB5. He shares the stage with the likes of Jaguar E-Type and Sunbeam Alpine, vehicles that added their unique touch to his personality and design. Undoubtedly, the one and only Finn McMissile doffs its hat to the Aston Martin DB5, but he's not a mirror image of it. The mystery and creative artistry of Pixar ensures that Finn McMissile remains a unique character in its own right, a tribute to many a vintage British automobiles, Aston Martin DB5 included, but never a clone of one.